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HDR photography – around the house and vices

I recently posted the results of my first attempts at HDR photography. Since then, I’ve been craving more – what can I say, it’s fun! I had some time to myself at home tonight, so I found some random items and, well, took pictures of them. For better or worse, most of this collection should probably be called the ‘vice collection’ — cigars and booze.. I was looking for something with interesting color, and well, that’s what I found!

I’m not planning on posting any of the original images, before and after shots, etc here.. if you are interested in that geek-info, comment, and I’ll get it up!

Also, if you have any suggestions of ‘good things’ to take photos of using HDR, I would love to hear about it!

First, the non-vices. ;)

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Crown Moulding ledges with sundries

One thing that caught my eye were the shelves on our living room wall where we have some of our wedding keepsakes, etc, and some of our favorite wedding photos on a 5×20 print above one of the shelves. I like the way this turned out..

Our wooden bassinet

Anyone who’s followed my son’s photo blog for awhile has seen this wonderful white wooden bassinet pop up a few times. My grandpa made it ages ago, and I love the darn thing. I think I went a bit heavy on the HDR on this one, but rather like the result – what do you think?

Now, for the vices..

Doublewood #1 – uncorked bottle

One of the scotches I enjoy on the rare occasion that I drink it is Balvenie Doublewood. Here is an image of a bottle with the cork out along with all the packaging that it came with. I like the way that the HDR makes the caramel color of the scotch pop.

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Doublewood #2 – corked bottle

Same bottle of Balvenie Doublewood as above, but with a cork in it. ;) I love the shadow on the tube.. using HDR allowed me to accentuate that much more than a single photo would have.

Doublewood #3 – with a cigar

When my wife and I took a trip down to the Dominican Republic two years ago, we brought some cigars back with us – some hand-rolled cigars from a small shop, and some Dominican “Cohibas.” I don’t know how related these are to Cuban Cohibas, but they seem pretty decent. I am also not much of a cigar smoker, but man alive, it goes well with scotch! In any case, here’s the bottle of Balvenie Doublewood yet again, this time with the cork out and a Dominican Cohiba.

Dominican Cohibas in their box

Here’s a HDR image of the Dominican Cohibas in the cigar box that they came in.


A selection of liquor from the shelf that I thought looked interesting. In the foreground is a bottle of Grey Goose; behind it stands Sailor Jerry, a bottle of Beefeater gin, and a bottle of Hypnotiq. I’m not sure if it’s sad that only one bottle in this photo has been opened, even though three of them have been on my liquor shelf for at least three years..

I liked the results of many of these shots, but outdoor shooting was much more fun! I will have to go exploring outside and see whatelse my lens can find.

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