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new york and niagara falls trip: new york

Tiff and I haven taken an anniversary trip every summer since we were married in 2003. In 2007, we took a trip to New York City and Niagara Falls. Our initial inspiration was that Laura Osnes, who’s mother attends our church, had won the part of Sandy in the Broadway production of Grease, and we figured we’d go see her in action. We decided that while we were in the area, we might as well take in a few more shows, then drive up to Niagara Falls for a few days. If you are interested in seeing some photos from the trip, read more!

We flew into the Newark airport, as rental car prices were about half the price there as they were in New York City. (We really did not want a car while in the city, but it ended up being cheaper to rent a car in Newark, drive to our hotel in New York City, and park it for a few days than it would have been to rent a car in the city when we were ready to drive to Niagara – crazy!) After a drive into the city (which I quite enjoyed, but Tiff was scared out of her mind), we successfully found our hotel — The Michelangelo.

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Photos of the entrance to the Michelangelo and the lobby

One of my coworkers had recommended the hotel, and helped me find a great rate — it was quite a nice hotel (and apparently the room was quite large for NYC), and the rate was, well, unbelievable.

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The room was large, and quite nice.

While in New York, we went on a boat tour of the harbor, and took in a few shows — Grease, Wicked, and Avenue Q. All the shows were great; however, if you’re easily offended, Avenue Q is not the show for you!

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The shows we saw

On our last day in the city, we checked out Central Park and the Central Park Zoo. Compared to the zoos I’m use to here in Minnesota, it was rather small, but the exhibits they had were great quality, and you could actually get reasonable close to the animals. If you’re ever in the city, highly recommend it!

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Animals in the zoo

Next post – the Niagara Falls portion of our trip.

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