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finally, a decent pair of earbuds..

I’ve always hated earbud headphones because the sound just wasn’t that great on them, and they always fell out of my ears. At the same time, I loved them because they were small and didn’t get in the way. The other day, I noticed a deal that Amazon was offering on the Shure E2c isolating earphones. Basically, they are a pair of earbuds with integrated earplugs. I’ve always liked the Shure brand for professional mic’s and such, so figured I’d give these a shot. They just showed up on my desk, and sound really good so far.. I still need to work on the fit a little bit to get bass response, but my initial impression is “wow — I didn’t realize those instruments were in this song!”. I’d highly recommend them on my experience so far.. I’ll try to remember to post a follow-up to this after I’ve used them more, including on a plane ride in a couple weeks.

I’m sure my coworkers will hate these things, since they will actually have to walk over and slap me over the back of my head instead of just yelling at me. Ah well..

Oh, yeah, you can also see what I’m listening to over on the sidebar. Yeah, I’m a geek.

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