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back to normal hours, finally!

After a few very tiresome weeks working night shifts for the Olympics (started at midnight on Friday the 10th, and had the midnight to 9am (well, 8:30 most days) shift every day until the last shift started at midnight on the 25th), I’m finally back to my normal hours, and only working Monday through Friday again. What a change! In any case, I’m trying to get caught up on many missed e-mails, household stuff (we closed on our new townhouse on the 8th, and moved in the same day – the Olympics really threw off our ability to get the house into order), and sleep.. if I’ve missed your e-mail, feel free to fire me another one, and I’ll try to get back to you a bit quicker.

Oh, and if you’re bored, check out all the people who were involved in bringing you the NBCOlympics site.

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