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testing live streaming video on the nbcolympics.com site

Well, this weekend, we’re going to be trying a new experiment.. we’ll be putting a live stream of the gold metal hockey game between Sweden and Russia or Finland up on the NBC Olympics web site (streaming video is fun!). It’ll be interesting to see how it goes, and how well Akamai can handle the load. Feel free to check it out – the stream should start at 7am Central Time. *crosses fingers*. There hasn’t been much news coverage of this – the only article I’ve seen is at Broadcasting Cable. Unfortunately, because of some restrictions that are imposed upon broadcasters, we have to have DRM enabled on the stream, and lock it down to US IP addresses.. this pretty much makes it impossible to view this with anything but Microsoft Windows Media Player. Have to get Crossover Office running on my laptop again so I can watch it.. (scratch that; cxoffice’s supported version of Media Player won’t play it, either.)

Update:This is active as of *right now*; http://www.nbcolympics.com/streaming.

On another note, I’m almost done with these really annoying night shifts for the Olympics – after tonight, one more night. Woohoo! It’ll be great to actually get to sleep in my own bed in the new townhouse with my wife again.. and not be dead tired all the time! After this, I can finally say for sure that I have no desire to work nights.. just not for me.

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