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amusing phone call today..

Up until this morning, I had some pictures inside of one of Time Warner Telecom’s central offices on my site; they were taken (with permission) when a client was looking for colocation space (said client ended up colocating at ipHouse – good place!). Originally, I had them posted to a private area of my site, but I must’ve accidently pushed them to the public images directory at some point. In any case, I got a voicemail from one of Time Warner’s Public Relations reps today, saying that they’d like the pictures removed.. since I really had no reason to keep the pictures, I tore them down. I just find it rather amusing that they actually care about some pictures on a little site like mine! I guess the fact that the pictures do turn up on a Google Image Search for ‘twtelecom’ probably has something to do with it.. if they were named something else, they likely never would have even noticed.

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