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yummy grilled cheese

Grilled cheese with tomato soup is an old favorite of mine, so of course when I saw Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” episode entitled ” For Whom the Cheese Melts” that ended with a nifty recipe grilled cheese sandwich, I just had to try it out! The basic idea is to smear one of the pieces of bread with dijon mustard (even if you hate mustard, bear with this – you don’t really taste it), use shredded cheese instead of slices, and cook with a bit of olive oil instead of buttering the bread at all. He recommended heating two cast iron pans, and cooking between them, but I just did the old fashion griddle method, with a heavy pan on top of the sandwich as it cooks. In any case, it turned out great — it’s quite an interesting flavor; it doesn’t really taste like mustard, but just adds a bit of zing to the sandwich. I’d recommend it!

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