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colocation post updated

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about cheap colocation in Minneapolis via my old post here, where I was soliciting people to help fill my rack at ipHouse. Unfortunately, I no longer offer colocation services, but I have updated the post with the providers I am currently using and recommend.

This brings to mind another thing I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile. I’ve always had trouble finding definitive information about the quality of colocation providers, including information about their bandwidth providers, “real” costs (ie – cost per megabit/terabyte, cost for IP addresses, cost for power), etc. I’ve been debating putting up a review-style site where users can submit their opinions of providers, including pricing, which would then be aggregated into a searchable archive. Is this something that would be interesting to you? If so, please comment.. if there seems to be interest, I will try to put something together “real soon now”. ;)

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