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Sun adds block-level deduplication to zfs

I’ve been eying ZFS for quite some time. I love the concepts of the filesystem, but am still not a huge fan of Solaris/OpenSolaris (I miss my apt-get, and am just used to the many Linux/GNU-isms.) I may actually have to give it a closer look (most likely via Nexenta, which is essentially Ubuntu with the OpenSolaris kernel) now that it supports in-line, block-level deduplication. If it works as well as it theoretically should, I will likely convert my home file server and BackupPC nodes over to it. For BackupPC this could be a huge win — instead of having to use large numbers of hard links, we could just let the underlying storage take care of it. I will be interested in seeing how compression mixes with dedupe also — it’d be great to be able to turn off compression at the BackupPC level too.

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Look forward to being able to play with this!

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