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xenenterprise 4.1

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of XenEnterprise as a virtulization platform, as it’s based on open source software, and just makes it a lot nicer to manage. For some reason, it just seems to make a lot more sense to me than VMware ESX when I’m trying to debug a problem between the two – I think it’s just because I know the OSS Xen hypervisor very well, and can understand what’s going on behind the scenes a little bit more.

In any case, Citrix just released a new version of XenEnterprise – 4.1. There are lots of new features (like very tight Netapp integration, which is cool), but the biggest one for me has to be support for live migration on fibre channel storage, which is huge. I’ve done extensive testing of it starting with 4.1 beta 1, and am pleased to report that it works quite well in my environment. Highly recommended – if you haven’t tried this yet, go give it a shot!

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