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why must mediacom be so terrible?

Where I live (Savage, MN), I don’t have much of a choice for high-speed internet other than Mediacom. They are the local cable company.. I don’t qualify for DSL, the wifi services in the area don’t reach me, and a T1 is just too expensive (and slow!).

Unfortunately, they have been having outage after outage (they are down right now – this is the second outage that has lasted over four hours in the last two weeks), they don’t have battery backups in my area, so if power goes out, they go down, etc, etc. When they are down, they also refuse to give an ETA of any sort on when it will be back up, and I’ve had employees be extremely rude when I ask about it.

I really, really wish I could get some other provider that is actually reliable (and/or actually cared) for under $400/mo.

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  • Kevin January 11, 2008, 6:37 pm

    That settles it. Move to my neighborhood. We have a myriad of options. Also cuban food.

  • nc January 11, 2008, 6:38 pm


    Tiff would be happy. She’d get to see Amy more.

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