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new resume format

I’ve gotten tired of my custom-written MySQL app to handle my resume, so I decided to scrap it and try out xml-resume-library to maintain it. It’s quite interesting, and I think the results are pretty good.. my resume page has been converted over to it, check it out!

One of the really cool things that this library lets you do is have a single XML file that you can transform (with stylesheets) into plain-text, pdf, html, etc. Right now, the page is static; however, in the future, I plan to try out PHP5’s XSL library to do the transformation for me. That way, I should just be able to update a XML file, copy it to my web server, and have the resume auto-update – including links to download a pdf or text version. Cool, eh?

[Edit 2007/04/07] OK, I went and made everything dynamic now – there’s just an XML file sitting on disk that all the pages get generated from. Hurrah! Check it out.

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