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yeah.. i’m a little busy.

OK, like most fledgling bloggers out on the ‘net, I’m becoming an utter failure when it comes to updating this bad boy on a regular basis. Sorry ’bout that. Just a few random notes:

  • I’m extremely busy. Work. Work. Work.
  • I’m now the official NBC Sports sysadmin at my company. That means work. Lots of it.. sometimes.
  • We’re ditching T-Mobile. Their customer service and quality of phone service has been going way downhill for us over the last couple years, and the last straw was when my 4-month old phone died, and they wanted to charge me $10 to ship a replacement, and the rep’s supervisor couldn’t reverse the charge. Uh, I’ve been a customer for ~12 years (well, of various companies that got swallowed up by T-Mobile, at least) — the least they could do is swallow ten stinkin’ bucks. Ah well, I got in touch with the CEO’s office, got that charge reversed, and they agreed to cancel my contracts. We’re going to give Cingular a shot, since Tiff gets a discount with them through her work.. I’m sure they suck too, but hopefully it’ll at least be in some different way. On a side note, I’m also going to try out a PDA phone, to see if that’ll help get me organized a bit.
  • As far as the burglary of my neighbor’s house, I’m not sure if the guy’s been caught yet, but my neighbor did get the nice ring she was upset about back. Woohoo!

Well, that’s it for a mini-update for now – I’ll do my best to post something geeky here soon.

Oh, yeah, by the way, some youth pastor decided that blogging is a sin.. heh! Silly!

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