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power protection is for wussies!

Well, or not. With the storms tonight, we had a ~20 second brownout.. and, of course, I don’t have most of my servers on UPS’s yet. I’ve got two APC Back-UPS NS 1250’s, and a APC Back-UPS Pro 1100.. but I’ve only got two of the UPS’s hooked up, and like three boxes on them. I figured I’d wait until I got all the boxes racked up, and then do it.. stupid decision, eh?

Ah well, at least now I have a reason to get the boxes on the UPS’s.. at least I didn’t lose any drives like last time.

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  • nc May 3, 2006, 12:26 pm

    I’ve finally got all my servers in the rack now, and on UPS’s. Yay! Still don’t have the workstations or MythTV front-ends on UPS power yet. Also still need to get nut installed so the computers will turn themselves off if I lose power.

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