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review: jensen’s supper club

I was given a few gift certificates to Jensen’s Supper Club in Eagan, MN, and Tiff and I figured we’d drag a few friends along with us (thanks Erika and Tom!) to check it out. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was great! We started out with calamaris and martinis.. both were excellent. I’ve not enjoyed the martinis I’d had before (either too strong or too sweet), but the fine folk at Jensen’s mixed up my Lemon Drop just right. For dinner, we shared a side of garlic mashed potatoes, and I had the prime rib for dinner. For once, when I ordered the meat medium-rare, it actually arrived medium-rare.. my experience at other restaurants is generally that they will overcook the meat, no matter what you order. My fellow diners tried the shrimp and the walleye, and they were also pleased. The service was quick and efficient.. our server was there whenever we needed her, but she didn’t hover annoyingly around the table — always a good thing! To top off the night, the couple at the table next to us got engaged.. that was quite an experience to watch. In any case, I’d rate Jensen’s as highly recommended.. just be prepared to drop a bit of cash; it’s fairly affordable for the quality of the food, but it’s certainly more expensive than your generic chain. Oh, yeah, and you probably want reservations. Enjoy!

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