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new backplane in my drive array

I’ve got the new backplane installed in the PowerVault 660F array. It sure was interesting to install – have to pull the entire array apart to get at it. I did find out that almost all of the weight is in the components – the actual casing for the array is light as a feather. Interestingly, after performing the swap-out, Dell’s OpenManage Array Manager software can no longer talk to the array, however, the storage manager from LSI Logic that runs under Linux still sees it just fine. I still need to figure out how to reset the service tag on the new backplane.. Array Manager is supposed to take care of it, but well, it’s not working! In any case, time to throw some data at Controller 1 again, and see if it goes *boom*..

Update: Been running Bonnie++ across both channels for the last 12 hours now; this would’ve generally been more than enough to crash it before. I’ll let it keep running the next couple days, and hope for the best..

Update #2: It’s been about 36 hours now, and still no crash… looks like Dell might have actually gotten the problem fixed! Considering we’ve replaced every component but the actual array itself, the power supplies, and the fan trays, I would hope that this fixes it.

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  • Robert Wagnon December 6, 2007, 9:19 pm

    Where did you get the storage manager from LSI Logic? eDirector or some other software?

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