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pictures of my colo rack

I’ve got some pictures up of my colo space at ipHouse. See http://pictures.natecarlson.com/iphouse/. Eventually I’ll get a page up describing what I’ve done, but the basic gear (some of which is not in this pictures, as it has been installed after the fact) is a Dell PowerVault 660F (Fibre Storage), a Dell PowerVault 51F (8-port Fibre Switch), a 3com SuperStack 4250T 48-port 10/100 switch, a Perle CS9000 Console Server, and 5 Dell PowerVault 1550’s. There are also two APC MasterSwitches for power management. I’ve been having some problems with the PowerVault 660F crashing under heavy I/O on one of the controllers, but I’ve got a replacement backplane that needs to be installed.. hopefully that will resolve that issue!

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