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About Me

this is an ancient picture of, well, me.
Yeah, this is an ancient picture.

So you wanna know a little bit about me, huh? Well, if you insist… here goes…

About Me
You know, it’s really not worth me putting much in here, because it’ll be outdated so fast. But whatever. I’m a Christian, a husband, a dad, and a geek. And a proud owner of a Husky and a Lab-Malamute mix that drive my wife nuts. Got a problem with that? Tell me about it, comments are open!

I grew up at Bethany Fellowship in Bloomington, MN. Bethany’s a Christian organization that has started a church, a mission, and a college of missions. Growing up there was certainly interesting.. in some ways it was nice, because there were always lots of other kids my own age nearby, but in some other ways I wish I had grown up in the “real world”, so I could have had some of the more normal childhood experiences. When I was about 10, Bethany decided that anyone who wanted to keep working at the print ship or publishing company they owned (my dad worked at the printship, and my mom worked at the publishing company) had to leave the fellowship. So, my parents bought a house about 3 miles away (where I still live until I get married), and we moved. I was apprehensive about the move, but my parents convinced me it’d be a good thing, and I’ve been thankful for it every day since. It’s been nice to be able to learn what real life is like in a real neighborhood. :)

I went to elementary and middle school at Bethany Academy, and high school at Southwest Christian High School. After high school, I was burned out on the whole idea of formal learning, so I just took a summer off. During this period, I decided to go to the Dominican Republic for a month and spend some time helping out my aunt and uncle who are missionaries down there (by the way, that country is awesome!). After I got back, I started seriously looking for work, and a month later I started my first job. Five years later I moved on to Internet Broadcasting, which is where I’m still at as of Feb 2010.

I’m a Christian. I don’t, however, agree with a lot of the Christian churches out there on how things should be. I’m a believer in the slogan of the church that I am attending: “Experience God, not Religion”. (Well, ok, I’m not actually at Evergreen now; I’m at one of Evergreen’s plants, The Urban Refuge. UR is a new church in Uptown trying to reach people in the heart of the city.) Note that this doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the Bible or anything like that – I do. I just don’t believe in the typical ritualistic religion that many churches teach. Basically, I believe the only thing that will get you to heaven is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Plain ‘n simple. But, don’t worry, I’m not going to shove my beliefs down your throat. If you’re looking for a church, I highly recommend checking out Evergreen – it’s not like any other I’ve ever been to.

What else?
I have no idea. Ask me a question, I’ll answer. Or something.

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