Note: As of January, 2009, I am no longer offering this service. So long! Please see this post on my blog for other providers that I recommend.

When I left my previous employer, I had a rack of colocated gear with them. I needed to get my gear somewhere reliable (I can't stand having my servers go down), so I leased a half rack (in the process of upgrading to a full rack!) with ipHouse, a local ISP in Minneapolis that provides excellent services at a good price. To try to cover some of my costs, I'm subletting portions of the rack (with ipHouse's full knowledge and consent) to clueful internet users. I sublet by the rack unit, with the caveat that you can't be a bandwidth hog - if you do hog bandwidth, we may need to discuss additional rates to cover the additional costs. Here are the services currently provided with the rack:

The base rate for colocation is $50 per 1U server. If you need many units of space, I'm open to offers on pricing. If you are out of town, you can ship your server to me, and I will install it for a nominal fee. Otherwise, if you're local, we can arrange a time to install your server at ipHouse. If you are interested, please shoot me an e-mail at Also, if you could prefix the subject your message with 'COLO:', I will be much more likely to see it in a timely manner.

Unless we negotiate otherwise, all colocation is on a month-to-month basis - no long term contracts. If you ship your machine to me, and want to terminate services, you will just need to pre-pay shipping back to you. Note that if your machine is being used for illicit purposes (spamming, DDoS, etc), and I am unable to contact you, your service will be terminated, and your hardware will be forfeited.